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  Corporate Deployment
  Individual Installation

Corporate Deployment

For corporate users we suggest using iSafeguard™ Enterprise since it is integrated with Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Certificate Service.

Deploying the software in a corporate environment is as easy as the following steps no matter how big your company is

  1. Setup remote software installation
  2. Define central policies
  3. Done

When a user logs in next time the software is installed automatically on his workstation and central policies applied.

If your company has already installed Microsoft Certificate Service you can centrally configure to use the existing certificate service. Once configured all users in the configured group will be able to enroll into the PKI and renew their certificates. It is that easy!

Setting up Data Recovery Agent (DRA) is a matter of defining a central policy. In addition you may use one DRA for your Engineering department and use another DRA for Human Resources, for example.

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